About us

Close, multifaceted & valuable

Everything under one hat. Everything from tradition to innovation. The young generation brings a breath of fresh air and new ideas into the cooking pot. Astutely we try to use our resources competently.

We want to stay with our guests not only in the head, but also in the heart. We want to inspire, laugh heartily with our teammates and convince all along the line with first-class quality.

Melanie Fontana
& Krone-Team
More time to be...

Close & Sustainable

We are more than just hosts - listening, responding to each other and making a difference together. Only together do we put a smile on the faces of our guests. Only together do we ensure a secure future.

Anything but boring!
More time to unfold...

Valuable - Tradition through the ages

For a good half century (1972), Krone has been a meeting place for lingering & enjoying. But its origins go back much further. Immerse yourself in a short journey through time.

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